The Tiphareth Gazebo is Open!

I allowed a book to use me to write itself this summer. Now it’s done and The Sync Press is going to publish it. Funny thing, it’s a magickal book and it’s already bearing fruit.

The book is called Accidental Initiation: In the Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia. You are reading the sequel now even though you won’t be able to read the book for a little while. Appropriate since AI is, in part, about my own experiments with time travel.

In the Tiphareth chapter I declare my intention to un-cage the gazebo at the heart of Sylvester Park in Olympia via the magick in Accidental Initiations. It looks like it has worked.

The gazebo has been mostly locked since 2001. When I finished writing AI in November the Occupy Wall Streeters moved in for two days and then re-located to the banks of the Capitol Lake. The gazebo has remained mostly open and unlocked ever since. I am loving this.

In Accidental Initiations, I associate un-caging the gazebo with opening Olympia’s heart. Is it happening? It’s hard to tell from my place of solitude in the warmth of my cave at The Martin but I am feeling fuller of my own heart than usual for this time of year. It’s a start. I’ll take it!

Is your heart occupied? What occupies it? Is it caged or open? Less or more caged since 11-11-11?

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5 Responses to The Tiphareth Gazebo is Open!

  1. Robyn Lynn says:

    You’ve become a performance artist that plays exclusive gigs for an elite audience of multidimensional beings, dear Jonesy. I love that.

  2. accidentalinitiations says:

    Speaking of “fuller”

    “Everything I Know” a talk by R. Buckminster Fuller

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