Eat My Shorts

Accidental Initiations: In The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia” went to press today. In retrospect it will all seem to have happened incredibly fast but it’s been a long nine months since I first conceived this thing. I am raw, and excited. There really is something in AI’s one hundred and eighty-four pages for anyone to hate, which is why I have tried very hard to make it a fun read; something even a hater can love.

Someone wrote this on the western railing of The Tiphareth Gazebo this week:
That’s five “Eat My Shorts”.
All capitalized.
Eleven letters per phrase.
Fifty-five characters in all.
Doing the numerology we get ONE:
Now multiply that times 5, and we’re back to FIVE.
Five fingers make One hand, or a fist.
One Love
“One is the loneliest number…
Five to One, One in Five…
Bogie won his Oscar in ‘51
so did “An American In Paris
(think dead Jim Morrison)
and one of their Oscars lives here in Olympia;
the legacy of Arthur Freed.
Five plus One equals Six;
the number of sides to The Tiphareth Gazebo,
which was freed from its confinement,
like the sword of Arthurian legend,
by the magick in Accidental Initiations

which is short
and will be here shortly
(March 19th;
the spring equinox.)
You will R(EAT)D it.
This is your EMS prescription…

Evergreen alum Matt Groening created the puckish Bart Simpson, and here we find Bart’s catch phrase scrawled detention-style along the green (heart) path of Strength/Voice binding the poles of Severity (The Geburah Corner) and Mercy (Emma Page’s Fountain.)

It’s not easy to imagine Bart Simpson writing a book but a year ago it would have been hard to imagine me writing a book. Now that I think of it, my writing style is kind of Bart-ish – if Bart read a lot of Robert Anton Wilson, and grew up in Olympia, and was Jewish.  So I guess it’s not the voice, it’s more the untamed boyish glee at dropping something from a great height and watching it explode.

Look out below!!!! You are about to get accidentally initiated!!!!!!

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3 Responses to Eat My Shorts

  1. Gwenevere says:

    Looking fwd to Your book!

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